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Suppliers Of Seasoned Logs

  G.S Treecare have been supplying split and seasoned logs for over 10 years.

Our logs are produced from our tree operations and are then processed into quality firewood.

Our firewood  consist mainly of hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore and Holly. We also include some aromatic woods such as Apple, Cherry, Plum and Eucalyptus. All logs are seasoned for a minimum of 12 months. Which means that the water content is taken down to 20-25% from typical values of 30-45%. 

Our logs are then split and cut to order by hand, this means they come in a variety of shapes and sizes although we aim to cut them roughly to the size of 8 -12 inches.

G.S Treecare are able to supply firewood logs even when demand is at its highest during those long winter months - typically October through to January.

We can usually deliver the following day or sometimes even same day, totally free of charge! 

G.S Treecare are environmentally aware and all our logs are from 100% sustainable sources. 

"I have just taken my 2nd delivery of excellent wood from George at GS Tree Care.
Not only is it fantastic wood for my wood burner in terms of quality and quantity for the price, but he loaded it into my shed for me too ...on a Sunday night guy!
I wish him luck with his excellent business and look forward to using him again"!

Tim - Tatsfield

"G.S Treecare firewood  service is outstanding. I contacted George one cold evening, and by the very next day I had a huge supply of quality logs stacked in my garage. The dry wood made the fire easy to start and it burned nice and warm. I’ll never buy firewood from a garage forecourt again. Excellent value for money"
~ Mr Card, Orpington Kent"


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 Give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

* At an additional cost We also provide a log stacking service at the time we deliver your firewood . A perfect stack every time with no mess left behind.
(Please enquire when ordering your delivery)


Common firewood log wood species

Below is a list of the more common wood species you will find in ourfirewood log deliveries and details of their individual characteristics for wood burning.

Apple- slow and steady burner with good heat and pleasant scent.

Ash- considered the best firewood species, giving excellent heat and burning very well due to its oil content, will also burn green/ unseasoned.

Beech- dense and heavy, burns very well with good heat

Birch- An excellent firewood, burns fast

Cedar- Good firewood and heat, can spit but not as bad as other softwoods. A nice easy wood to split

Cherry- Burns well and slowly with a pleasant scent

Eucalyptus- Burns very well with scent due to high oil content, although needs proper seasoning and can be difficult to split due to stringy twisted properties of wood.

Field Maple- Good burning wood as with other maples.

Holly- A good dense and heavy firewood, burns well like wax, can also be burnt green

Hornbeam- Locally a common coppice tree around Medway and Kent, very dense hard wood which burns very well and is easily split.

Horse Chestnut- An ok firewood which needs to

 be well seasoned, can spit a little but has good heat.

Leylandii- Needs proper seasoning but burns well, as with other softwoods will spit

Lime- Ok as a wood for mixing with other hardwoods

Oak- Oak is an excellent slow burning wood with great heat but needs to be allowed to season and dry well before use.

Pear- Burns well with small flame and good heat

Pine- Burns well with good heat and flame, spits

Rowan/Mountain Ash- A decent firewood

Sweet Chestnut- Another common coppice tree found throughout Kent especially in Gravesham and Medway, best burned in closed wood burning stoves or outside fires as it tends to spit a lot on open fires.

Sycamore- A good firewood which burns well, considered an invasive weed species of tree by many, of which we have a plentiful supply

Willow- A fast burning wood which is ok for mixing.


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